The Venice Art Center
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A Little Bit Different!


Glass Fusing


Stained Glass


Watercolor on Terra Skin


Abstract Play



Sorry, class #106A is sold out.

Matting and Framing


Sorry, class 107A and B have been cancelled.



Class 108 is now closed.


Silk Painting


Mixed Media


Note Cards


Sorry, class #112 has been cancelled.





Let's Get Surreal


Sorry, class #116 session A has been cancelled.

Monochromatic Creations


Sorry, class #117A is no longer available.



Exceptional Eggs


Sorry, class 119 has been cancelled.


Sorry, Class #120 has been cancelled.


Picture Perfect Mosaic


Mosaic Grouting Class


Dream Catchers


Sorry, Class #124A, B and C are cancelled.


Sorry, class #125 has been cancelled.


Sorry, class #126 has been cancelled.


Sorry, class 127 is no longer available.


Art Without Anxiety
Art Without Anxiety

Intro to Printmaking

Exploring Relief and Intaglio