Current Exhibition

The Venice Art Center is excited to present the“Individual Still Life & Still Life Collaboration” Exhibit

Individual artist still life and artist’s collaboration of different media as joint still life project.

"Still Life & Still Life Collaboration" Exhibit
April 5-May 3, 2019

A still life is most often depicted in art as an arrangement of common items, such as drinking glasses, flower arrangements, and/or fruit, but can be a number of different items. For this show, the meaning of still life is open for the artist’s interpretation.

For the Still Life Collaboration, it’s the art of merging two or more creative media. Whether it is 2-D (drawing, lithography, painting, photography, writing) or 3-D (jewelry, pottery, sculpture, weaving), the result is a fusing of creative energy into a collection that will be displayed together in the show.

Altman-Vogt Solo Exhibition Artist:  Susan Ashley Michael, Aerial Photography

 Thank you to our Sponsor:  Mahle Cool Air & Heating

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